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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  July 12, 2010 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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the gunman's ex-wife or girlfriend was killed also. first or sympathies so everyone there who was involved in this. what can you tell us? what are police telling you is the latest on this? >> reporter: we want people to know that our thought and prayers are going out to the families and workers of this business. this is a difficult day for our community. our albuquerque police department did an outdostanding job, but sometimes tragedy cannot be avoided. we believe it's a domestic violence situation that we believe spilled into the workweek. five victims are deceased at this point and the shooter is apparently deceased from what we think is a self-inflicted gunshot wound. >> do you have any information about those who were taken to the hospital, what their
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condition is? >> reporter: my last briefing, i got, chris, was that two were in stable condition, i believe and two were being upgraded from critical. but i haven't received a briefing in the last several minutes. >> such a shocking event and i'm sure everyone is reeling from this, but do we know anything about the background of this gunman or has he ever been in trouble with the law before? >> the information i received was he was a former employee, the domestic violence situation also involved a current employee of the business, that's really all i have been briefed on at this point. >> mayor richard berry of america. -- albuquerque. i appreciate your time, mr. mayor. another devastating terror attack is raising new questions about the power and the scope of al qaeda and it's affiliates. suicide bombers killed 74 people including an american and injured at least 70 more.
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people gathered to watch a title match for the word cup. the american who lost his life was working for a california based aid group that helps child soldiers. a somali militant group with links to al qaeda has claimed responsibility saying that will carry out attacks against the enemy wherever they are. roger, thank you for joining us. >> you bet, chris. tell me what you know about this group, al shabob really came into its home. it has become one of the more important elements of the broader al qaeda network.
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somalia and al shabob is number three for the u.s. counter terrorism community. the united states has launched strikes inside somalia to attack it, so this group is not new for us as a threat, but what they did in uganda is certainly a new expression of their ability. >> for several years now the united states has been very worried about whether or not they could project terror into other places, it's the first confirmed case where they conducted an attack outside of tom mali territory. it demonstrates several things, one that they have operatives willing to travel, operatives willing to kill themselves in these type of environments and the issue for uganda, the united states and our allies is do we have to view this group differently after the attack, does it now have a regional capability? and if that's the case, what do
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we need to do so try to counter it. >> and i also have a question for you sort of about this larger al qaeda network, because in the beginning after 9/11, we talked about al qaeda then we started talking about these loosely affiliated or copycat splinter groups, now it seems like some of these smaller groups or affiliated groups as we call them do seem to be growing or expanding, is that a proper interpretation of what's going on? >> you have always had affiliates either with direct ties to al qaeda or inspired by al qaeda who have had very local nationalistic priorities, but in the case of al qaeda in the arabian peninsula, they're closer to al qaeda central than ever before. i don't think that this attack in uganda was run by al qaeda officials. they targeted an ethiopian restaurant and the somalis hate the ethiopians.
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the one thing we americans hav travelled to somalia to fight in the jihad there for clan based reasons, that doesn't mean it doesn't pose a threat for us down the road. all these elements coming together make for a much more challenging threat. >> thanks so much, always good to see you, roger. now there were several americans who survived the bombings only to tell harrowing stories about what happened while they were simply watching the big soccer match. >> i jumped up and tried to shield my son thomas. there were a lot of people, a lot of chaos, a lot of commotion. >> she didn't make it. so i'm just thankful to be alive. >> we're thankful that he is alive. president obama did speak to
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uganda's president expressing condolences for the loss of life and offering any assistance needed. a report issued by the israeli military has cited flawed intelligence for -- the conclusion that planners underestimated the chances of a violent reaction and failed to have a contingency plan in place, the report did not blame the commandos and said they were justified in opening fire after being con fronted by violent proclinton activists. now to the oil spill in the gulf where hope is the word of the day. as bp crews work to replace the cap on that leaking well. the procedure is going well so far and if successful, it won't contain all the oil, but far more of the oil than they have been able to capture so far. at the same time, the relief well designed to kill the leak all together has a mid-august target. the question remains after
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so many failed attempts will this effort to capture far more oil works, what if it doesn't. rick, what's your take on this latest effort? >> well, it's another critical juncture certainly in this operation and mostly these before have ended in failure or marginal success. so you're right, this is a moment of hope, we have got our fingers crossed. it's a real gamble, this cooperation could either create a worse problem or it could capture most of the oil coming out, so it's too early to tell really at this point. but let's just hope that bp in the united command have gone through the contingency plan, they hoped for the best but planned for the worst and they have identified ways to respond when things go wrong. >> to your mind, was it a gamble worth taking, rick. >> i guess three or four days from now, we'll look back and
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see one of the real risks of course is when they put this cap, this new cap on, if they don't pressurize it slowly enough, it could back pressure down the well bore and, you know, compromise the integrity of the existing well bore down near the reservoir which would preclude a successful relief well, bottom kill, that's the worst of the worst night marry sna nightmare scenario that we don't want. all of these rigs that operate in deep water haven't thought through how to respond to this, so before they're allowed to operate again, to drill in deep water, they certainly need to have a risk assessment as to how a blowout could occur, a blowout prevention plan, how to prevent this thing from happening and a response plan so they don't have to make up things on the fly where they have these containment caps ready to go and
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fourthly, they need to have a legitimate response plan for the gulf. before they can satisfy the federal government that those four things are in place, the government really has no business in permits them to go back to work offshore. >> let me ask you about what we have learned from this spill. is this a situation you think where a lot has been learned, where, again, god forbid, something like this happens, we can deal with it much better, much quicker, before it gets to this horrible situation that we're in now, or do we really not know? is it possible that any future break could be unique as this one was unique and perhaps we're going to start from ground zero all over again? >> well, i think both of those are somewhat true, unfortunately. we have learned a lot from this unique event, but this is not a one off thing, there's an inherit risk in this system, the offshore oil industry has known this for years, yet they haven't adequately managed that risk or prepared for it. we have learned a lot from this particular disaster, but there's
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101 ways a blowout from a deep water high pressure reservoir can occur and what we haven't done is very thoroughly and methodically identified all those ways that it can happen, reduce the risk with best available technology, have a great blowout response explain, where they've got all the equipment onshore or on the rig ready to go, instead of engineering it and designing it and building in the blowout crisis and a better oil spill response plan, we don't have that right now, so let's hope that before they're permitted to going back to drilling in the deep water high pressure reservoirs that we have it really thought through. if not, it to me would represent gross negligence on the part of the federal government to permit this sort of same risky behavior without having the risk managed well. >> rick steiner, thanks so much. >> my pleasure. >> next on msnbc, a swiss surprise, roman polansky a free
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man after switzerland refuses to extradite the director to america, is this the end of a 30-year battle to force pull nolan sky to face rape charges involving a 13-year-old girl. jesse jackson accuses the owner of the cleveland cavaliers of acting like a slave owner. barefoot and shackled, an island arrest brings a two-year long international crime spree to an end, summer camp has never been so glamorous, forget tents and bugs, now your child can learn how to master the run way, but is this really what young girls need, breaking news when it happens, on msnbc. a car that stands strong... when you need it most. and expects to handle the unexpected. at chevrolet, we created a team of red x engineers who are obsessed with quality. red x torture tests every car down to the smallest detail.
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the electronic bracelet is
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off and right now roman polansky see a free man. denying a question to extradite the director to california to face 30-year-old sex charges. instead, he can walk right out of a swiss shall lay where he's been since september. >> if he goes to the united states he'll be arrested immediately for sure. he's not totally safe, though, if he goes to a country that has an extradition treaty with the u.s., the u.s. officials could conceivably convince them to arrest him and extradite tim to our country. he's fine to move around the country of switzerland, he also can go back to his native france where he has an apartment in paris and wife and two children. he won't be extradited in france because they don't extradite their citizens.
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he's not free and clear, but certainly the house arrest is over. >> and that 13-year-old girl who was accused of raping, who is now 46 years old wants this to go away? >> an incredibly traumatic experience at a very young age connected with an incredibly famous man who's gone on to do things and is well respected in hollywood. >> she had a lot of people upset in hollywood. >> he has a lot of supporters, there was a bit of a backlash, then the conversation came about the charges that he had pled guilty to and whether or not we should be so supportive of this director. but basically, he does have a good support group, if he were to come back and go through this trial, this woman would have to give testimony for sure, it would dredge up that incredibly painful time in her life and the swiss officials say that was part of their conversation, but not the full conversation,
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basically he was let go on something of a technicality. >> reverend jesse jackson is accusing cleveland cavalielves . gilbert issued a letter to fans harshly criticizing james' decision. gilbert called him disloyal and a coward. reverend jackson says gilbert's comments quantify a slave-master mentality. this was jackson's comments earlier on msnbc. >> the fact of the matter is he saw him as his property, in fact i raised you as a child, he implies in that letter and now you made the choice to leave me and i'm angry. he has no right to say i will destroy you. for him to suggest that lebron quit is a slander. >> jackson went on to say that gilbert should be accountable to the nba for his comments. it was six months ago today that tragedy struck haiti, what are things like now after the
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earthquake? i'll talk to an aid group and whether help is actually reaching that devastated island. and the money that sarah palin's political action committee is raking in and it's adding fuel to rumors of a presidential bid. msnbc back in three. ♪ ♪ a day once dawned
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3:22 pm
sam shaun has raised millions of dollars for earthquake relief. thanks for being here. i want to remind people of the numbers which are still shocking, 230,000 killed, 280 homes and businesses destroyed. many neighborhoods are still in ruins and a million and a half people are still homeless. what do you see when you go there? where do you see the most pressing problems right now six months later? >> i think you hit it right on the head, i think the most pressing problems are the fact that you have people who don't have places to live, most of the haitians are living in tarp and tent settlements. wycliff has asked the haiti recovery mission to release $100 million to aid in rubble removal that will allow construction to
3:23 pm
continue and another $150 million to deal with the security concerns that have ariz ariza ris riseen because of the tent and tarp cities. >> is it just the money that's holding things up? >> i think money is part of the problem because a lot of the money that has been donated hasn't been converted into actual cash. i think today we have heard from former president clinton who said that only 10% of the money that was prompted internationally has actually been converted. we agree with the former president and we're encouraging the former presidents clinton and bush, commission to tually commit to getting those dollars and converting them to cash to help rebuild the infrastructure. >> let me read a little bit of that op-ed piece. he says haiti's government has
3:24 pm
done everything it's been asked to do by international donors to inspire confidence, maintain transparency and ensure that not one single cent is lost to corruption. haiti does have a long time reputation for corruption, from what you have seen, is the government moving to get past that? >> i think the government is moving to get past that and i think former president clinton is right, they have done all that has been asked of them to do. and the money that has been pledged are to be released to help the people because holding up the money isn't really hurting the haitian government, it's hurting the people who actually need it. >> tell me a little bit about something that you saw when you were there, something that sticks with you that will help the people who are out there listening right now to understand how great the need still is? >> i think, you know, coming from america, i was born there, and so when i went back, it was
3:25 pm
very, very different, obviously, because of the earthquake. but i think it's just the total devastation, and words really can't describe that because you go and you hear there's been an earthquake and you hear people have been displaced and you hear that lots of people have died, but to actually go and to see it and to realize that it's a humanitarian crisis of great proportion, that's what stuck with me the most and that's what's been motivating haiti to mobilize people all over the world not to forget haiti and to continue contributing. >> sam, good luck to you and to all the folks in haiti, thanks for being with us. there is more about haiti relief and recovery efforts, you can find it at, also go to and up next, a dramatic ending to a two-year long crime spree, the barefoot bandit finally busted. but he didn't go down easily. details on high drama on the water next.
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here's your cnbc market wrap. here's a look at how stocks are trading right now, the dow jones industrials trading up about eight hefner is looki control of his media empire, but he might face some competition. after his offer to buy the outstanding shares of the company to take it private. however penthouse magazine owner mark bell says his company will make a bid for the playboy shares as well. and bp shares are on the rise today, this as the company gets closer to placing a new cap on that oil spill gushing in the gulf of mexico. investors are also responding favorably to reports that bp is in talks to sell some of its
3:30 pm
assets, bp saw its shares up just above 7% this afternoon. that's the first in cnbc news worldwide. the teenage fugitive known as the barefoot bandit will be tried in the bahamas on a slew of charges including weapons possession. 19-year-old colton harris-moore was arrested on sunday, nabbed after a high speedboat chase that capped a 2-year long international man hunt. she was shoe less when he steppd off the plane from police custody. you have just talked to the folks who actually captured him. what can you tell us? >> reporter: yeah, chris, we just saw some surveillance videotape that shows colton harris-moore the so-called barefoot bandit as he was on the docks of what is known as ramora bay marina, he was looking for a boat to get away with.
3:31 pm
there was an individual we spoke to who saw him go away and got into a boat, six bahamian police got in and went after harris-moore. he was idling, they were going about 25 knots as they came up upon him, describing the story, they say that colton harris-moore yelled at them. he said i don't want to go back to jail, i don't want to do what they say, i'm not trying to steal from anybody and the like and ultimately he got stuck on a sand bar, and as he tried to back away and take off, knowing that the speedboat that he was in, a stolen 32-foot fishing boat would have been faster than the boat they were in with the 10 bahamians pileded in. but the authorities decided to shoot, two dozen shots fired, about a dozen hit the engine
3:32 pm
disabling him. as they pulled up beside him, he got in the fetal position, they describe it to me when they found him. he said stop shooting, stop shooting, i can't hear you. when they pulled up next to him, he stagrabbeds his nab sack and started throwing things out of it. >> wouldn't you like to who what was on that computer and that iphone. real quickly, this is the stuff of a movie, is there one in the work. >> reporter: there's a lot being said about that, it's like the movie catch me if you can. his mom has hired a prominent lawyer in seattle, a person who has in the past represented the family of jimi hendrix and courtney love, unclear if that's going to happen right now. for the moment, we know he's going to make an appearance tomorrow at noon in court. the so-called barefoot bandit as
3:33 pm
it's described behind bars here on bahamian independence day as the rest of the country celebrates its freedom. and back to that breaking news out of albuquerque, new mexico we have been following for you over the last few hours. a former employee at a fiber optics manufacturers went on a shooting rampage today killing five people before taking his own life. kayla anderson is on the phone. what can you tell us about the gunman and what might have motivated this horrific crime. >> reporter: police say they don't know what may have been his motivation, but they are calling this a domestic violence work places shooting, a very tragic situation that unfolded in albuquerque this morning. police still have several city blocks and businesses on lockdown, they're making sure there's not a second suspect anywhere in the area, they're also searching the m corp corporation, but they believe that their shooting suspect is dead. the chief of police here in
3:34 pm
albuquerque says the 37-year-old suspect likely shot himself after going on a shooting rampage this morning. the first 911 call came in around 9:30 about shots fired in the the m corps corporation. we don't know how many shots were fired. but police say within three minutes they were inside that building as part of a massive casualtyesponse, they transported six people to a local hospital. we're told right now, two of these two who were transported have died as a result of their injuries. police also found four other people dead inside the m corp corporation building. one of them is believed to be the shooter. police say he is the former m corp employee, his car target was either his wife or his girlfriend. a very scary morning, about 85 employees are being interviewed by police right now. now to the politics of all
3:35 pm
that oil wash ag shore, especially in florida, with critical elections coming up in the fall. first lady michelle obama spoke to the naacp convention today before heading to panama city beach, florida where she'll meet with people who have been hit hard by the spill. with tourism hurting, oil is already having an impact on florida's senate race. independent governor charlie crist who used to favor offshore drilling is now calling for a special session of the legislature, he wants a constitutional amendment that would permanently ban offshore drilling. republican narco rubio calls that a photo-op at the taxpayers extension. congressman meek is in a battle against financier jeff green. thank you for coming in. what's your reaction to this call for a special session and a constitutional amendment. >> well overdue, leaders like myself have been calling for this session since the oil spill, florida has been
3:36 pm
struggling with this issue of offshore drilling off the coast of florida. many years ago floridians made a decision that it's the environment and tourism that will be the job generator in florida. >> do you think this is the right thing to be a constitutional amendment? >> well, every year, just this past session, there was a bill calling for drilling three miles off the coast. now floridians see that it's not only an environmental challenge for florida, but it's also an economic challenge, tourism, $63 billion in florida this year, it's going to be cut in half and the number of people have already lost jobs because of the spill and we're experiencing 10.2% unemployment? >> and as many people have pointed out, none of us knows the long-term impact at this point and understandably all along the gulf and in florida there is a lot of anger about what has happened. how is this going to play into the election. >> it's going to play a major role, florida has great opportunities to head in the
3:37 pm
direction of new energy opportunities, clean burning, high speed rail, a lot better than having a number of cars on the road. from a federal standpoint and from the state. now floridians are going to look at the impact of oil on our coastline, which is covering over 70 miles right now, i think it's very important that we start heading in that direction, versus three miles off the coast oil drilling. >> how do you think this has been handled, give me a report card for both bp and the federal government. >> i can tell you now to try to get into a greeting standpoint i don't think will be productive to what we have to get done. >> what would you do right now. >> continue to put the pressure on bp, making sure we cap off this 0i8, making sure we have more skimmers, making sure we protect the workers that are picking up the oil throughout the gulf coast. i think we have major problems with workers going out there who
3:38 pm
would like more protective gear that bp is saying that they went wear it. we're going to find in the future that there will be some outcome measures that we will not be proud of especially as it relates to the hept of his workers that are out there now. >> is this gobbing to t ing goi definitive issue in this campaign. >> i believe floridians are really, really heart broken about having oil on the beaches. but environmentally, i think it's very important that floridians stand up and be heard on the issue of offshore oil drilling. and it will help us as we debate this issue before congress of what kind of energy policy we're going to put forth, will there be offshore oil drilling? i believe so, but will it be safe drilling off the gulf coast and around the united states? that question is before congress right now but it will be before floridians and i'm glad that it will be so that floridians can speak on this issue and the
3:39 pm
direction we want to move in as a state. tens of thousands of parrot heads flocked into the gulf shores to see jimmy buffet in concert. the singer put on a free show to help draw tourists to alabama's beaches. he belted out a very special version of margaritaville. ♪ come people claim that there's a woman to blame ♪ ♪ but i know ♪ it's all bp's fault ♪
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time to go across the usa. we begin in philadelphia with the investigation into a tour boat tragedy. the ntsb says radio calls from the duck boat to the tug boat pulling the barge went unanswered. a mechanical problem on the duck boat left it floating. one of the tug boat mates is refusing to speak with
3:43 pm
investigators. new details in the case of a tennessee amber alert for a 7-month-old baby. officials did find the car which was stolen from the baby's mother. now they're looking for the baby's father, seen here on the right. they say he took the baby after assaulting the child's mom. if you didn't think so before, sarah palin is a serious political force. the bottom line proves it. in the second quarter of this year, her political action committee pulled in more money than at any time since her pac started. $866,000 was raised while just over $742,000 of that was spent. $87,000 was donated to candidates and 17,000 was spent on speech writing. is it a sure sign she's running for the white house in 2012. i guess that's the $6 million question, is she preparing to run, what do we know about that?
3:44 pm
>> we don't know a whole lot more than we knew before, what we see here, though, is the type of spending that builds an organization that typically surrounds a candidate who is thinking about running for the presidency. now just on the travel, which took her around the country to stump for candidates or to speak for political audiences that typically are sort of must attends for a prospective candidate, but also on the type of consulting that we see her paying for, speech writing, a number of things that really kind of have the trappings of a prospective presidential campaign. >> and getting a lot of ious out there by going around and supporting candidates and giving them money. >> that's one of the things we see these types of political action committees used to. it's not at all unusual for a
3:45 pm
candidate to go around -- ends up running themselves, they're sort of like ious that they can collect later as endorsements for their presidential campaigns. >> aren't these campaigns acknowledged to be seeking higher office? zbi us some perspective on $866,000 in a quarter in which you're not running for anything? >> well, for instance, mitt romney who's in a very similar situation, the former governor of massachusetts who of course ran for the republican presidential nomination is in 2008 and is rumored to be doing the same thing again in 2012. he also is not 40e8ding any office right now, however he also has one of these political action committees, and in two months, he raised more than $1 million so he is sort of way out ahead of sarah palin and the other candidates including tim pawlenty, the governor of minnesota, haley barbour, the
3:46 pm
governor of mississippi, all of whom have these similar political action committees and all are using them to build money. >> what are the things we would be looking for to give us an indication about her intentions? >> one of the things is that interesting, the 87,000 that sarah palin's pac gave to candidates around the country. you look at where she gave to those candidates, iowa, south carolina, nevada, these are states that will be critical to determining who is the next gop presidential nominee. >> ken vogel from politico. it is not your typical summer k56r7, girls as young as 12 years old coming to new york city to learn how to strut the run way with style. details on modeling camp next. plus the ymca is losing a few letters.
3:47 pm
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it's that time of year. some kids spend summer days at band camp. some swim, perfect their baseball game. there are even summer camps to help kids lose weight. and then there's modeling camp, where budding fashionistas get tips on makeup, hair, and how to strike a pose. heather cole is the founder and director of modeling camp. thanks for being with us. i know this is a four-day session. what will they learn? >> it's essentially an intense, condense course where girls can come in from all over the country, even the world and learn everything they need to know in the world. they learn runway, makeup, social skills, interview skills. we cover the gam et of what it's like to get into the business.
3:51 pm
>> a lot of the kids are watching shows like "america's top model." some of your camp counselors are former top model contestants. do these kids come to camp expecting to be a model? >> i don't think they come with expectations. they come with the normal dreams any teenage girl would have. ha lot of teenage girl do have dreams of being a model. a lot of the girls watch "america's next top model." it's really exciting for them to do this unique summer camp. whether they end up going onto model or not. >> is there a point at which, though, and i'm sure you get girls who are intense about this, where you say to them, yes, i think you should go and try to pursue this, or to be honest with you, i don't think you have what it takes. >> if we're asked. first of all, that's never done at carp. modeling camp is for making girls feel good about themselves. so we don't do that at camp.
3:52 pm
after camp when participants and ca -- parents and campers approach us, we will tell them. we're more than happy to send them in the right direction if that's the course they want to pursue. >> one site says, and this surprises me. kids as young as 7 years old can apply. is that a little young? >> definitely for the camp in new york. that's a teenage camp. you're probably referring to the camp in virginia. we have a fashion camp. a little personal develop camp where we cover health, nutrition, etiquette, we work out. we make jewelry. yes, you can come at age 7. >> heather cole, thanks for your time. thanks. now to the fastest three minutes in news. a world up with kiss and a big change for an american constitution. a major sink hole swallowed a car in tampa, florida. the dangerous situation forced 11 families to evacuate from a
3:53 pm
condo complex. that sink hole is 20-feet wide. a coast guard crew rescued four people who escaped a burning fishing boat. they were on a life raft in rough, choppy waters when the coast guard helicopter arrives. before the final world cup match got underway, there was serious action on the field. a 34-year-old spanish man ran out and tried to touch the trophy. he appeared to be putting a red hat on it. he's being charged with trespassing and attempted theft. the post victory pandemonium continues for the captain. unable to contain his excitement, he kissed a local reporter. i should mention, she sh his girlfriend. the end of the world cup mines the end of a career for paul the octopus. he successfully predicted the outcome of eight world cup matches including the latest. now british bookmakers want to
3:54 pm
buy paul the psychic octopus. but the sea life aquarium says paul is staying put. mickey mouse, beware. this study does not draw conclusions if a similar gene exists in humans. it will not be lucky number eight for lance armstrong at the tour de france. he's writing off his chance to win the event. but he will continue in the trace to try to help his team. there was excitement as a fistfight broke out between two of the cyclists. both were fine. "the view" got a special visitor today. barbara walters making her first appearance in two months. she appeared via skype to talk about her recovery. >> terrible pain. so many of the things i've heard that i'm going to be very
3:55 pm
depressed. i'm so glad to be alive. i'm so glad to talk to all of you. >> barbara will be back as a permanent host in september. we're glad she's feeling well. mother nature put on a rare solar show. it crossed the south pacific yesterday for about five minutes. the village people may have to update their famous song. the ymca will now simply be called the "y." it's making official the nickmake everybody has used frankly for years. and an austrian couple took the plunge. they loved to scuba dive and decided the best way to marry would be underwater. they exchanged vows 15 feet down. they wrote i do with a pencil. an underwater pencil. that took us down to the wire. that does it for this show. i'm chris jansing. "the dylan ratigan show" is up next. there are reports bp is slacking on paying out claims.
3:56 pm
dylan talks to the president of the louisiana oystermen association who wants bp to pay up now. [ female announcer] on a summer day, nothing tastes as great
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or this attractive lease offer on a cts sport sedan. good afternoon to you. i am dylan ratigan. it's lovely to be back. i hope you're doing well today. a little boom and bust in america. not a surprise. you need a job? you need unemployment benefits? you're probably out of luck unless you work for wall street. we're going to talk to a republican congressman to find out why there's a double standard when it comes to our government and its giveaways. plus more broken promises from bp. the oil giant accused of refusing to pay tens of thousands of claims made by those who lives were and continue to be ruined by the gulf coast oil spill caused by british petroleum. but there may be some clean energy hope on the way. how it could our fine and lovely


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